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What’s Under The Hood?
A Mean Machine Or Hipster On A Roll?

Custom Hoodies For a young and cool workforce. it’s not just about how casual they turn up at work. But also how well they are protected during winters, the ‘blow hot, blow cold’ office ACs or a sudden drizzle. Customised to specifications, Polos Inc. It has a variety of Custom hoodies in fabrics that match your brief.

Anyone can wear a hoodie also making it a garment of choice for both men and women. They are fashionable, comfortable, warm also making them excellent promotional garments due to their extreme likeliness to sport, logos and, strap-lines. And come with an assortment of colours, fits and fabric – cotton, polyester, woolen, tough on the outside and soft but fluffy on the inside.

Made In Tirupur. The advantage of being based in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu gives Polos Inc an uncharacteristic advantage because of its proximity to yarn and cloth manufacturers. This helps manufacture and speed of finding fabrics and finishes, so the customer doesn’t have to look elsewhere for his employee gifting catalogue.cUS

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