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Polos Inc truly believes in harnessing the latest technology with highest importance to human values and ethics, to deliver our customers the best of our products and values.

If you abandon human values, what will technology serve?

Human Resources Development by constant training & interaction at all levels, helps achieve the objective of producing consistent quality products, through complete involvement of all employees. We follow high standards of working environment and good ethics of employment in all our manufacturing facilities, that are completely in compliance with the law of the land as well as the common international requirements.

The management team acts as a constant source of inspiration for a cohesive family of professional and technical staff, in dedicating themselves completely, to achieve the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Adequate importance is given to the welfare of the surrounding society, as part of the Social Accountability of the company. In partnership with the Isha Foundation, free mobile medical camps are regularly conducted in the villages surrounding the manufacturing facilities, in addition to the works carried towards education & social causes in various villages, benefiting a good number of economically backward people.

Opening Time

  • MON - FRI 9.00 TO 18.00 IST
  • TIRUPUR 98433 50000
  • CHENNAI 98422 00000
  • MUMBAI 90922 99999
  • BENGALURU 9524 888 888
  • INDORE 93677 33333
  • DELHI 98650 33333
  • KOLKATA 99421 88888
  • PUNE 93612 99999
  • HYDERABAD 99421 88888
  • AHMEDABAD 93631 55555
  • PATNA 91421 99999
  • MYSORE 95433 22222
  • KOCHI 90920 70000
  • LUCKNOW 93602 55555
  • NAGPUR 93626 77777