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We at Polos Inc have various kinds of fabric type for the t-shirts printing and others. And, will make you feel 100% comfy and cozy. Indeed, All the fabrics are organic cotton in nature and very skin-friendly. Fabrics are like double mercerize, single mercerized, pique, pique Airtex, pique 2 plies. Pique fabric is woven with cotton yarn with extra parallel cords this gives the fabric a delicate texture and pattern. In fact, These fabrics are all durable cotton mesh, compact with pre-shrunk. Also, soft flow bleach/dyed, machine washable, imported and colorfastness guarantee. All these fabrics are available in almost 20 to 23 colors; some are very unique colors that will make you stand out of the crowd.

The next kind is the dry- fit polo t-shirt perfect athletic apparel, For instance, it is the latest technology wherein the fabric absorbs the sweat and keeps us cool. A piece of perfect fabric for any kind of sport. The fabric will keep the body cool. It is breathable and wicks moisture away from the person. The best apparel that fits for all kinds of recreation, gym, any sports, or organizational events. Made in Tirupur these polo t-shirts are available in various colors and we also offer to customize printing wherein you can choose the pattern of your choice on your t-shirt. Polos Inc is the one-stop online shops wherein you can get all types of t-shirts printing to customise the same with various options of your choice. Above all, We take up single and bulk orders too.