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MHM Screen Printing Machines

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The machine offers almost unlimited expansion options and allows configuration and customisation for the individual print job volumes. Screen printing machines from MHM offer perfection in every detail.

Automatic "Go to" screen positioning system with print job memory

World wide prooved as the fastest job setup. After positioning of the first screen and pressing the "Go to" button, the other screens are positioned automatically. Unlimited different print jobs (including screen positioning, squeegee speed and number of squeegee strokes) can be stored and retrieved within seconds!

Especially robust design:

Precision-machined turntables combined with hardened and polished registration parts for unparalleled registration precision and years of trouble-free production. No alterations and no need for readjustment – guaranteed!

Ultra-rigid add-on tables:

Made from specially hardened aluminum sections, for uniform colour distribution over the entire print area, a "must" for 4-colour process printing.

Electric squeegee drive (AC) with linear bearing technology:

Ensures a smooth, even squeegee stroke, even at extremely low speed. Excellent printing results at all speeds and pressures.

Independent chopper squeegee system:

Up to 50 kg (110lbs) of pressure for squeegees and flood blade.

Revolutionary printing squeegee/floodbar angle adjustment *(patent pending):

Unique, tool-free system with repeatable, 5° pitch angle adjustment.

Servo Drive (simple, double indexing capability):

Smooth, precise, and quick rotation in both directions, independent of the
pallet size (semi-rotation for screen cleaning).

Automatic pallet changeover:

Pallets are unlocked and locked automatically by pressing a single button.

Extremely low air consumption:

Reduces costs and avoids the noise emitted by large compressors.

Test print/sample programme:

Automatically prints a single test item before production starts.

Auto start/Auto finish:

Print values are enabled automatically when production starts and disabled when
production ends.

Broad range of accessories:

e.g. long and short-wave flash-cure units, various pallet sizes and shapes to
suit all production requirements.

Opening Time

  • MON - FRI 9.00 TO 18.00 IST
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