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Polo T-Shirt Colours Available

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As management jocularly describes 1 husband and 5 wifes, that is

  • 1 Husband > how and
  • 5 Wifes > who, what, when, where, why.


Polos Inc is a smart team of smart brains working together to bring out novelity into the markets. The individuals work on creative designs, styles, patterns and focus on the “trendy” of the market in fact could be called the “trend setters” for t-shirt, fleece etc..,

The company has its manufacturing facilities spread with a total production area of about 5000 sq. feet comprising knitting,fabric processing, finishing and garmenting divisions, making the company a totally integrated manufacturer from fiber to fashion garments.

Apart from a large fabric production capacity in-house, being an export oriented garmenting unit enables us to also import various kinds of fabrics, from the best fabric makers allover the world as per the needs & nominations of our customers. Having a strong working relationship with fabric makers in the far-east makes us versatile to source any fabric viz., Cotton-Spandex, Rayon-Spandex etc. with all kinds of finishes (anti-microbial, oilrepellant / restraint & nano).

We are into making of all kinds of garments viz., polos, crews, henleys, embellished, sleep wear, athletic wear, panel-printed, garment-dyed for ladies, girls, men, boys, children and infants. 



Ours is a wide range of product varities catering to varied ages and categories like students, sportwears, church groups or what so ever. We get a brief from the client, create the artwork if essential, get it approved and made on time. ‘Delivery on date’ is our core idea be it the staff uniform, team kit or promotional t-shirts.


Born in the year 2006 Polos Inc has picked up and the baby has grown in size just to receive from and support for good quality at economical price.


Market survey very well made it obvious that customer are disturbed with indifferent attitudes and poor services. The delay in delivery upsets them a lot. Henceforth the seed for Polos Inc was sowed hoping - that it would develop enough to promote

  • prompt delivery
  • wide range of products

With ethics, benefits and quality prioritised.



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Preserving nature in its purest form should be the main concern of every industry & individual - we believe.

Polos Inc gives prime importance to preserve the environment in as many ways as possible. We have therefore chosen an environmentally responsible approach in every operation of our various divisions and group companies.

Almost the entire electrical energy requirement of our yarn spinning andprocessing division is met by way of wind energy, by far the greenest and most eco-friendly source of energy. The yarn and fabric processing units adopt the most environment friendly technology by treating and re-cycling the entire dye effluent using reverse osmosis, nano filtration and evaporation systems, thereby ensuring zero pollution.

Polos Inc's processing facilities uses only eco friendly un-banne d dyes,chemicals and is a model establishment showing maximum sensitivity to environmental pollution.


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"Our customers are the driving force behind everything we do." Customer service is never limited to making and shipping the garments to the customer.

A dedicated team and production facility is available to cater to the needs and timely requirements of our customers - thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction, always.


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Polos Inc's unique quality assurance and control system is a breed apart. Sustainable quality is more than a standard. Polos Inc follows stringent statistical quality control (SQC) and acceptance quality level (AQL) standards throughout various stages of production. 

The inherent strength of procuring the best raw material, state-of-theart manufacturinginfrastructure, world-class laboratory, stringent quality control / assurance systems that promise company-wide standardization of discipline and a highly committed workforce, all together enable us deliver the best quality, in every stage of the garment production. This, without any doubt, is the pulse of Polos Inc that helps us grow to greater heights by better customer satisfaction.

Opening Time

  • MON - FRI 9.00 TO 18.00 IST
  • TIRUPUR 98433 50000
  • CHENNAI 98422 00000
  • MUMBAI 90922 99999
  • BENGALURU 9524 888 888
  • INDORE 93677 33333
  • DELHI 98650 33333
  • KOLKATA 99421 88888
  • PUNE 93612 99999
  • HYDERABAD 99421 88888
  • AHMEDABAD 93631 55555
  • PATNA 91421 99999
  • MYSORE 95433 22222
  • KOCHI 90920 70000
  • LUCKNOW 93602 55555
  • NAGPUR 93626 77777