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Looking good
Date of Posting: 20 November 2015
Posted By: Avinash
We used the services of Polos Inc for WordCamp Pune 2015. It turned out to be a hot humid day but the t-shirts were very comfortable and cool. Everybody liked them.

The only problem was that the women's t-shirts didn't have a specific tag to differentiate from the men's t-shirts once out of the boxes. That resulted in some confusion. I hope they can add some tag that says 'W' or something like that the next time.

Other than that they were very professional, prompt and efficient. We saved a lot of headache and cost compared to any other vendor we've dealt with, got everything well before the promised deadline and everyone who got a t-shirt was very happy with both the fabric, the fit and the print. I'd easily give 5 stars!
Date of Posting: 20 September 2015
Posted By: Saurabh Shukla
Lead Organiser – WordCamp Pune 2015, Pune
Tshirts provided are of real nice quality, they are comfortable , airy, with nice fitting and that too at nominal rates perfect for startups. The service is prompt too. I'm looking forward for long term relations as a supplier cum friend for BSD. Keep up the good work.
Date of Posting: 19 August 2015
Posted By: Salil Z
Blacksheepdesigns, mumbai
Thanks to Sundar for such Competitive Prices, Nice quality & Prompt delivery of T-Shirts.

I look forward to a long term relationship with you.
Date of Posting: 17 August 2015
Posted By: Suhas Funde
I have purchased T-Shirts from Polos Inc. twice for our employees & was mighty impressed with Sundar's professionalism. The cost of the T-Shirts might be on the higher side but the quality of the T-Shirts justify every single penny invested in them.

I would highly recommend Polos Inc. to any corporate looking for customized T-Shirts.
Date of Posting: 17 August 2015
Posted By: Subhasish Das
Well, more said about responsive, deliverable and competitiveness of Mr. Sundar of POLOS Inc., it would seem much less. He not only delivered our Corporate Order before time but also maintained the Quality of Goods without any compromise. This even without a formal order and payment being made in advance. Thank you Sundar, look forward to reach out to you at an opportune time sooner. Wishing you Best of Success. Vijay
Date of Posting: 17 August 2015
We're very thankful to Sunder! We gave them less than 72 hrs to deliver a consignment and it was done to perfection! It was also delivered on time ! We look forward to a long term relationship with such a good vendor!
Date of Posting: 16 September 2014
Posted By: Bhargavii Mani
Designer and Owner of Edge Design House, Chennai
The high quality product and the competitive pricing with a quick turn around time, pleasing service makes Polos Inc a real winner. Had reached out Poloc Inc couple of years back for a unique t-shirt for my team with a short timeline. He was able to make it in that time and all in my team were really appreciated me on getting it on time - but all the credit goes to Polos Inc. Post that I had many polo t-shirts and other types on a personal side for me and my friends group and all were on same quality and it never dipped in the years I have dealt with Polos Inc. I highly recommend Sundar and Polos Inc - Keep up the Good Work !
Date of Posting: 30 July 2014
Posted By: Dineshkaruna
T-Shirts of good quality. I liked wearing those. Would recommend my friends as well.
Date of Posting: 27 July 2014
Posted By: Hari Viswanathan
"Competitive prices and turnaround times were as promised, often faster!"
"T shirts have been outstanding. They've surpassed our expectations!"
"Keep up the great work!"
Date of Posting: 23 July 2014
Posted By: sriram
partner -Sardas Tex - woven fabric company, Ichalkaranji - Mumbai -Tirupur

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